Here Are The Best Anchors For Gazebos in 2023

This article will review some of the best anchors for gazebos, narrow them down based on their types, and explain how to use them.

Gazebos can be very dangerous if left unsecured; they can cause damage to property, people, and pets in windy conditions; there are various anchors for gazebos, such as weight bags or sandbags, leg weights, plate anchors, earth anchors, and planters, that you can use to anchor your gazebo to the ground for added stability.

Best Anchors for Gazebos

Determining which one is the best can be a tough decision; we have narrowed down some of the best anchors for gazebos for you to help you narrow down your research, tested and reviewed each of the gazebo anchors to help you make an informed decision which is the best anchor for your gazebo.

Gazebo Weight Bags.

Weight bags or sandbags are an ideal method of anchoring a gazebo; they can be filled with sand or slate type of stones found on roads and railway lines and provide additional stability to your gazebo to prevent it from swaying from winds.

We recommend the Leader Accessories 4 Pack Weight Bags if you are in extra windy situations or have a large gazebo. In that case, you can also use heavy materials in these sandbags, such as fitness lifting weights that you might have, or buy them from a used sports store to help make the weight bags heavy.

Gazebo Leg Weights

There are many ideas regarding leg weights for gazebos; we have found that water gallons filled with water or sand work great as a DIY project, however when it comes to adding aesthetics to your gazebo, a normal gallon of water is not appealing, that’s why we recommend Eurmax Heavy Duty Water Leg Weights which are meant specifically for adding weight to your gazebo legs.

You can fill Eurmax Heavy Duty Water Leg Weights with water, sand, gravel, pebbles, snow, etc.; depending on the weight requirements, we do recommend at least making sure whatever materials you fill the legs weight with is at least 35-40 pounds if you experience winds of 20mphs in your locations.

The weights can be tied to your gazebo legs and locked with a Velcro lock system to make sure they are secured and sturdy; we recommend them for round and square legs of a gazebo that doesn’t exceed 12.52″, which happens to be the width of the Eurmax Heavy Duty Water Leg Weights.

Gazebo Plate Anchors.

If your gazebo deck foundation is made of a wooden deck, concrete slab, concrete piers, or poured concrete, then you can consider using metal gazebo plate anchors; our number one recommended gazebo plate anchor for this kind of gazebo foundation is Antsky Stainless Steel Flange Anchor Base.

It’s important to note that gazebo plates depend on the foundation’s integrity to remain stable and shouldn’t be used on gazebo foundations such as cinder blocks, thin concrete, or wood planks. Over time the load and wind shear movement can make the screws nibble away at the concrete walls; we recommend using gazebo plate anchors of gazebo foundations of 3.5 – 4 inches deep wood or concrete foundations.

Gazebo Earth Anchors

For gazebo owners whose foundation is made of a gravel pad, Gazebo stones, concrete piers, or Cinder Blocks, they can use earth anchors to support the gazebo firmly to the ground. Our number one recommended earth anchors are Gray Bunny 15″ Ground Anchors.

Gray Bunny 15″ Gazebo earth anchors are designed to be driven deep down the earth upto 15 inches deep; considering most gazebo foundations will be 4 inches deep, these gazebo anchors will ensure that the structure remains level and stable, especially if your foundation is soft and uneven.

Gazebo Planters.

We have talked about anchoring a gazebo anchor with planters in our guide on the Best Way to anchor a gazebo with planters. The main advantage of using planters over gazebo earth anchors, gazebo plate anchors, gazebo leg weights, and gazebo weight bags is that planters are more functional and add visual interest.

In our post on the best gazebo planters, we have classified some of the best gazebo planters, including plastic planters, ceramic planters, metal planters, and wooden planters, for convenience here is a link to all the best planters to anchor your gazebo from our guide.

Image of a gazebo expertly anchored with planters, showcasing an innovative and stylish approach to ensure stability and enhance outdoor aesthetics. Learn how to anchor a gazebo using planters and create a secure and visually appealing space for relaxation and entertainment.

Final Thoughts.

Now that you have chosen the best gazebo anchors for your gazebo based on the list we have provided, you should maintain and take care of your gazebo anchors to make sure they maintain their integrity over time if you live in places with extreme weather; you can use more than one type of anchor, it’s important to inspect your anchors regularly to make sure they are in place, straps and bolts are not loose or weathered over time.

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Blake Nudell

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