Buying a barbeque gazebo in 2023 Guide

If you are considering upgrading your backyard with a barbeque gazebo, you must know what barbeque equipment you will need and how much it will cost to install a bbq gazebo.

An outdoor barbeque is now a trending activity, making outdoor barbeque ideas an essential thing to consider; so many people are now turning their old gazebos into barbecue gazebos or installing a new gazebo just for barbecue and dining.

Having installed over 300 gazebos in California, it’s tough to pinpoint the exact cost of installing a barbeque gazebo with so many factors to consider, such as the size of the gazebo, design, bbq gazebo kitchen appliances, and materials such as gazebo furniture that you will need to consider. As an expert in the world of gazebos, you will find our helpful guide to help you figure out how to plan and spend your money when installing a bbq gazebo or upgrading your gazebo into an ultimate gazebo for bbq.

How much does a barbeque gazebo cost?

A barbeque gazebo costs as little as $100, including VAT, and can go as high as $30,000 depending on the size, kitchen appliances, design, gazebo materials, and other factors.

Barbeque gazebo prices vary depending on whether you want a pre-designed layout or would like an inbuilt premium bespoke barbeque gazebo. Suppose you want to upgrade your existing gazebo to a barbeque gazebo. In that case, depending on how sophisticated the grill gazebo is designed and the type of kitchen appliances you will need to be installed, it can take a few hours to weeks depending on the type of gazebo.

blake installed barbaque gazebo in California

There are so many gazebo styles you can choose from: hardtop grill gazebos, pop-up grill gazebos, and metal roofed grill gazebos designed to withstand the outdoors and the grilling and dining activities.

Best Barbeque Gazebo for Barbecuing Outdoors

Buying a barbeque gazebo is like installing a mini kitchen outdoors that allows you t barbecue and entertain your guest year-round; investing in a grilling gazebo means having all the kitchen appliances within arm’s reach.

 Here are some of the best barbeque gazebos to snag right now before they are out of stock:

What to Consider When Buying a Barbeque Gazebo.

It’s essential to consider the size of the barbeque gazebo before purchasing. This will influence what kitchen appliances will fit in your gazebo and the number of people who can be hosted in the gazebo; most barbeque gazebos are 8 by 5 feet. Still, some are larger and can be used to fit additional gazebo furniture, such as dining tables and other kitchen appliances highlighted below.

Barbeque gazebos come with either a canopy top, usually made from polyester, and also feature stainless steel or polycarbonate hardtop; both materials are recommended because they are weatherproof and resistant to rust and UV damage.

Other features include led lights for late-night grilling, BBQ, and hooks for hanging barbeque utensils.

Our Selection Process and Criteria: Best Barbeque Gazebo

Our selection for the best barbeque gazebos includes a range f both hardtops and canopy top barbeque gazebos across various price points; we have also considered customer reviews and looked at the quality of the building material, design, and also the size of the gazebos. We have also considered some of the gazebos that we have had first-hand experience in installations and have seen their unique features that have been taken into account and weighed against the price of the barbeque gazebo.

We have also checked the price points and whether the barbeque gazebos are offered at a reasonable price point based on their features and value.

MASTERCANOPY 8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo

MASTERCANOPY  8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo features two shelves on the side of the frames, costs less than others with a similar design, and is made of solid polyester for the canopy and alloy steel, making it an outstanding value.

Customers give the BBQ gazebo a high rating saying that the alloy steel frames are sturdy, the top gazebo materials are made of heavy polyester, and the quality is better than they expected from a pre-made BBQ gazebo, the alloy frames are powder-coated black to protect from rust, corrosion, and sun damage.

Features include the vented double-tier top that helps in air circulation, two handy shelves to store your barbeque accessories, and hooks for storing hanging barbeque tools.

CoastShade 8’x5′ Gray BBQ Gazebo

CoastShade 8’x5′ Gray BBQ Gazebo has a unique design that is similar to MASTERCANOPY  8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo; it features a double pavilion canopy for wind and smoke ventilation and also gives the BBQ gazebo a sleek modern look, its top features include two convenient shelves, and hooks along the shelves to keep barbeque accessories within an arm’s reach.

The gazebo is available in grey, brown, khaki, and cream to match your appliances and décor; the CoastShade 8’x5′ Gray BBQ Gazebo frames are powder-coated alloy steel and can withstand strong winds of up to 30miles per hour when installed and assembled in sturdy grounds.

ABCCANOPY 8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo

This ABCCANOPY 8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo has a canopy elegantly draped over a well-designed and supported alloy steel frame on the more lavish and well-designed BBQ gazebo. The level of detail in the steel frame of the ABCCANOPY 8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo is what makes this BBQ gazebo stand out, including the sleek curves 90 degrees angle frame support of the structure.

The double tired canopy that allows air and smoke flow is made from water-resistant Riplock canopy fabric, preventing fading from UV rays from sun exposure. The LED under the top of the gazebo is energy efficient. Other unique features of the ABCCANOPY 8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo include two shelves supported by the frames with hooks for hanging your barbeque accessories.

The colour options of the ABCCANOPY 8’x5′ Outdoor BBQ Gazebo are Khaki, brown, burgundy, dark grey, forest green, rust red, caramel, coffee, and deep grey, offering many options to choose from to match the décor, furniture, and appliances that will be accessorized with the BBQ gazebo.

Does the Size of a Barbeque Gazebo Matter?

Most barbecue and grill gazebos are 8 feet by 5 feet; some are larger, and with a DIY barbeque gazebo you can increase the size of the BBQ gazebo. If you want to include a dining area in your gazebo, you will require a much larger one.

When buying or building a barbeque gazebo, you must determine the number of seatings and the appliances you will include in your gazebo. Modern barbeque gazebos are an extension of your kitchen rather than a standalone outdoor space; building a custom gazebo is recommended to increase your home’s value.

What materials are best for a barbeque gazebo?

For the best kitchen appliances such as cabinets, shelves tops, and devices, we recommend outdoor grade powder-coated steel; countertops also need to be considered; if you would like to include countertops on your barbeque gazebo we recommend choosing concrete, granite, or porcelain.

What to put in a barbeque gazebo?

There are many outdoor kitchen accessories that you can add to your barbeque gazebo, depending on the size of your gazebo. Still, before adding additional accessories, it’s essential to consider the space available on your gazebo and make sure the level is flat and hard. There are no combustible things surrounding your kitchen accessories.

Here are some kitchen appliances you might use to upgrade your barbeque gazebo.

Outdoor Ovens and BBQs

An oven installation is essential to any outdoor kitchen, and a wide range of options are available; however, we recommend the Ooni Karu Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven that uses wood and gas to cook pizza, and cook steak, fish, or vegetables.

Regarding barbeque grills, choosing a stainless-steel BBQ grill is recommended for its ability to withstand the harsh outdoor environment; we recommend the Char-Broil 4-Burner Cart Style Liquid Propane Gas Grill that is made of stainless steel.

Sinks and Storage.

Storage space is essential to any outdoor barbeque space, the installation of kitchen drawers; we recommend products such as Mophorn Outdoor Kitchen Drawers that have triple access BBQ drawers and are made from stainless steel able to withstand the outdoors.

Outdoor Refrigerators

An outdoor refrigerator can be a valuable accessory to your barbeque gazebo that can save you from having multiple trips to your house to pick up beverages when dining and entertaining guests in your gazebo.

It’s essential to ensure your outdoor refrigerator can withstand outdoor conditions. To make choosing the best outdoor refrigerator easier, we recommend the EdgeStar 24 Inch Wide, 142 Can Built-in Outdoor Beverage Cooler, which is ideal for large barbeque gazeboes due to its size.

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