Guide to the Best Gazebo Curtains, Nettings, and Accessories In 2023

We have had the privilege of installing some of the best gazebo curtains and nettings over the years; we have installed a diverse range of curtains and nettings, from solid fabric curtains to heavy-duty nettings primarily due to the privacy needs of clients, but also for other benefits such as weather protection, keeping insects away such as mosquitoes, and just for adding style and decoration purposes.

If you are shopping for gazebo curtains and nettings or just looking for a comprehensive guide on installing, using, and maintaining gazebo curtains and netting, then you are in the right place; we will highlight some of the best gazebo curtains and nettings benefits types of gazebo curtains and nets, and creative ways to use the gazebo curtains and nettings highlighted in this post.

10 Best Gazebo Curtains and Nettings We Recommend.

Below we have taken a deep dive into some of the best gazebo curtains and nettings we have ever installed in our client’s gazebos; we have separated the curtains and nettings for more straightforward navigation. Some of the factors we have factored in include our installation experiences and the feedback from our clients after using the highlighted gazebo curtains and nettings after installation.

5 Gazebo Curtain Ideas

Highlighted below are some of the best gazebo outdoor curtains that we recommend.

SpaceDresser Gazebo Sheer Curtains

We recommend Spacedresser gazebo sheer curtains because of their style and ease of installation; included are two 100% polyester curtains that measure 52 inches wide and 84 inches long.

Spacedresser gazebo sheer curtains are ideal for offering privacy to modern-designed gazebos; they feature a beautiful weave design that will allow natural light to your gazebo while filtering the glare of sunlight.

Installing Spacedresser outdoor gazebo curtains is very easy; you can use grommets to attach the curtains to your horizontal gazebo frame using the rod pockets on the top of the curtains.

Easy-Going Gazebo Curtains.

We recommend easy-going gazebo curtains for the high premium 100% polyester fabric and design; they also offer many options to suit individual preferences through the availability of various colors and sizes of the gazebo curtains.

Installing the easy-going gazebo curtain is easy if your gazebo has a horizontal frame that you can mount the curtain through its stainless-steel eyelets that will allow you to adjust the curtain during installation and when in use; one of the challenges experienced by gazebo owners regarding curtains is the curtains being blown by the wind, easy-going curtains feature three tabs at the bottom that allow you to secure the curtains and prevent them from being blown by the wind.

Since easy-going gazebo curtains are made of polyester, it’s easy to clean and maintain; you can wash them through a washing machine to keep them clean and fresh. It’s important to note that these curtains tend to fade in colour over time as any other polyester curtains, so we recommend avoiding colourful curtains from this brand and only going for plain colours such as white and light grey.

RYB Home Gazebo Sheer Curtains.

RYB home gazebo sheer curtains offer a textured linen fabric that offers a perfect balance of privacy and also filters sun glare into your gazebo; the curtains are available in five different colors that you can choose from and seven sizes to match the size and style of your gazebo.

It’s easy to install RYB Home gazebo sheer curtains; they come with 3 inches tabs that you can mount on the horizontal frame of your gazebo; the eyelets of the bill aren’t made from metal or plastic, making it easy to clean and maintain the curtains using a washing machine.

One of the features that they lack as gazebo curtains is the presence of bottom tabs that you can use to prevent the curtains from being blown by the wind. However, you can sew bottom tabs that you can use to place weights to prevent the curtains from being blown by the wind.

SunCula Replacement Gazebo Curtains

For 10×10 gazebos, we recommend SunCula replacement gazebo curtains made of 100% polyester fabric that is durable, will protect you from harmful UV rays, and will repel water and outdoor elements from your gazebo.

Installing SunCula gazebo curtains is straightforward; the curtains feature hanging rings that you can use to hang the curtains on square and round gazebo frames; you can also use the hooks provided with the curtains to mount the curtains to your gazebo frame. The curtains also feature resin zippers with double heads that allow you to access your gazebo from the inside and outside.

BONZER Waterproof Gazebo Curtains

We recommend BONZER Waterproof Gazebo Curtains due to their compatibility with most gazebo from wooden to metal gazebos; the BONZER Waterproof Gazebo Curtains will fit on them perfectly. The packaging comes with one curtain measuring 52 inches wide and 84 inches long; this means you can buy as many curtains as you wish, depending on the size of your gazebo.

The curtains are also available in different sizes; there are 15 different sizes of the curtains and 11 different colours for you to choose from depending on the size of your gazebo and the colour preferences to match the décor of your gazebo.

You can install BONZER Waterproof Gazebo Curtains on your horizontal gazebo frame using the 1.11-inch diameter grommets on the curtains.

The BONZER Waterproof Gazebo Curtain’s opaque 100% polyester fabric will provide you with the privacy you are looking for with curtains and also reduce heat in the summer and cold in the winter due to the thick material they are made from, certified by OEKO-TEX.

5 Gazebo Netting Ideas

Below are some of the gazebo nettings we recommend based on their design and ease of installation and maintenance over time.

RYB Home gazebo mosquito net.

When shopping for gazebo nettings, we recommend choosing a net that is high density, with breathable mesh that diffuse light and reduces glare in your gazebo, one of the gazebo nettings that we recommend is the RYB Home mosquito netting which ticks all the factors.

We recommend the RYB Home gazebo mosquito for DIY enthusiasts, mainly people who are building their gazebo; this is because the mosquito net uses a 1-inch rod; it’s hard to have a horizontal frame that is 1 inch on a gazebo, which means you will need to install one, you will also need to find a way to secure the curtains to weigh them down to reduce the effects of wind blowing your mosquito nettings.

Th curtains can be resized by cutting them to fit your gazebo size, and also style and hang the drapes as you wish with the extra-large bug barrier net; the nettings are also waterproof and dry quickly after getting wet; the fabric is also breathable and will allow airflow and also diffuse sunlight creating a private and balanced light outdoor environment.

It’s easy to maintain the RYB Home gazebo mosquito net; you can wash the nettings with a machine, iron, or steam clean them to keep them looking fresh.

On The Way Gazebo Mesh Sidewalls.

Suppose you don’t like the DIY tasks associated with the RYB Home gazebo mosquito net. In that case, you can purchase a ready-to-use fitting On the Way gazebo mesh sidewall that is easy to install on your gazebo horizontal frame without customizations.

Installation of the On the Way Gazebo Mesh Sidewalls in your gazebo is as easy as using the nettings one-inch-wide Velcro straps to the horizontal frames of your gazebo; they are designed to fit 10×10 gazebo frames; they nettings also include Velcro straps on the sides that will help secure the net from being blow by the wind and can be attached to the side frames of your gazebo, on the sides the nettings also feature zippers for easy entry positioning during installation and use.

One of the disadvantages of the On the Wat gazebo nettings is that it is lightweight, and you cannot weigh them down with weights to prevent them from being blown by the wind; you will have to use the Velcro straps on the sides to secure it to the frame of your gazebo and also join one netting with the other if you have a wider gazebo size.

Westcharm Gazebo Mosquito Net.

Another option for 10×10 gazebos is the Westcharm gazebo mosquito net which offers protection from outdoor insects while filtering out light glare in your gazebo. The nettings are made from fine polyester mesh with double-sided zippers that allow easy entry and exit from your gazebo.

The reason we love the Westcharm gazebo mosquito net is the easy installation process, the netting features hook and loop features that allow you to attach the nettings on your gazebo frames, the mosquito net entails a fabric on the edges that will enable it to withstand adding weights to the settings to prevent it from being blow by the wind, a feature lacking in other Gazebo nettings we have reviewed in this post.

It’s straightforward to maintain the Westcharm gazebo mosquito net by machine washing the lightweight and durable nettings; we recommend it for temporary gazebo owners who require a lightweight mesh that is easy to store by folding, cleaning after use, and saving space on storage.

MASTERCANOPY Gazebo Mosquito Netting.

MASTERCANOPY Gazebo Mosquito Netting is specifically made to fit 10×10 and 10×12 gazebo frames; the nettings are only available in two colours, coffee and beige; these colours are ideal for modern gazebos and are the perfect colours that will diffuse light reducing sun glare in your gazebo while also preventing bugs from entering your gazebo.

MASTERCANOPY Gazebo Mosquito Netting is made from durable polyester fire retardant materials. To install the mosquito net to your gazebo, you can use the cloth loops on the top of the nettings to attach the nettings to your gazebo frame; you can also use mounting rings to mount the mesh to the horizontal edges of your gazebo.

The dimensions of the nettings are 11.5×11.5×7.2 ft and feature square holes on the designs that will prevent gnats from entering your gazebo; the height of the nettings is 7.2ft which is ideal for most sizes of the gazebo,, especially wooden gazebos with privacy walls.

Hugline Gazebo Mosquito Net

We also recommend a Hugline gazebo mosquito net that is designed to fit 8×8, 10×10, and 10×12 gazebos perfectly; however, if your gazebo doesn’t include a horizontal frame that will fit the clips provided with the Hugline gazebo mosquito net you can improvise by adding a horizontal structure to your gazebo attached to the posts of the gazebo.

Hugline gazebo mosquito net offers excellent UV protection by blocking direct sunlight and also diffusing sun glare; this means you will have a lighted and ventilated outdoor space allowing you to relax outdoors without being attacked by insects and getting sunburns from the sun.

Gazebo Curtain Benefits

Gazebo curtains and netting are not the only privacy option you might have for your gazebo; we reviewed seven other ideas where you can learn more about other privacy options; however, it’s important to note that gazebo curtains and nettings as we reviewed them. Gazebo curtains are more effective and functional than OTHER outdoor privacy options such as privacy walls, fences, canopies, natural screens, etc.

gazebo curtains, gazebo with curtains

Outlined below are the benefits of Gazebo curtains and nettings.

If you have checked our post on seven gazebo privacy ideas, you will find that in the summary of the most popular privacy ideas, we have included a column that highlights the cost ranges; the less expensive gazebo privacy idea was the use of curtains or nettings, not to mention the costs associated with other gazebo privacy solutions such as long-term maintenance costs in natural living privacy solutions which as the second least expensive privacy solutions in our list.

Gazebo curtains are a popular privacy solution for installation on temporary and semi-temporary gazebo structures because they are easy to take down after use, compared to other gazebo privacy solutions such as natural living walls or privacy fences.

Still, when looking at the benefits of gazebo curtains and nettings to temporary and semi-permanent gazebo structures is that they are the easiest to store gazebo privacy solutions compared to using natural living fences, exquisite privacy fences made of wood or metal and even other privacy solutions such as outdoor structures.

Gazebo curtains and nettings are the most versatile gazebo privacy solution; compared to other privacy options we have tried, gazebo curtains and nettings can divide the interiors and exteriors of your gazebo easily, offering many layout options for your gazebo, some of the easy layout gazebo curtains and nettings emerge superior include single-sided privacy, double-sided privacy, triple sided privacy, four-sided privacy and also multiple straights to complete your gazebo privacy needs.

Talking of versatility, with good mounting options, you can make your gazebo curtains and nettings easier to move or roll away when you need to shift them on their placement; some of the best mounting options to help you roll or move around your gazebo curtains and nettings includes the use of accessories such as roller tracks, even without them you can easily roll or fold the curtains and nettings when not needed.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Gazebo Curtains and Nettings.

After reading our list of the best gazebo curtains and nettings, you have concluded that you will need to add gazebo curtains or nettings over other privacy options after reading our guide to the benefits of gazebo curtains and nettings.

However, you might have specific size requirements for your gazebo curtains and nettings, or you are looking forward to a DIY gazebo curtains and nettings build, and you will need to source your materials; we have listed some of the factors to consider when shopping for gazebo curtains and nettings or materials for DIY projects.

Size & Fit of the Curtains.

Most of the curtains and nettings available online have a standard size and are sometimes matched with specific gazebo models; they are manufactured based on the popularity of gazebo models and the availability of the dimensions of the gazebos; for example, it’s easier to find a 12×12 fitting gazebo curtain or netting than find an octa-fit curtain.

If you require particular dimensions, for example, for multiple straights or curved gazebo sizes, we recommend purchasing gazebo curtains and nettings with adjustable features for a proper fit; it’s essential to make sure the overall size of the flexible curtain can fit the dimensions of the gazebo curtain or netting layout.

Waterproof & UV Resistant Fabrics.

Gazebo curtains and nettings are mainly used outdoors where they are exposed to weather elements such as rain, sun, and wind; it’s essential to purchase durable gazebo curtains or nettings that are waterproof, UV resistant, and able to repel winds, insects, and other outdoor elements.

We recommend Gazebo curtains and nettings made from Polyester or Polyethylene-based fabrics since they are waterproof and weather-resistant.

Level of Privacy (Fabrics, Curtains & Nettings)

We also recommend making sure the gazebo curtain or netting that you purchase can offer you the privacy/opacity required; you should conduct your research on the vision panel requirements and privacy considerations needed; there are various vision panels for gazebo curtains and nettings available such as opaque vision panels, centred vision panels, clear top vision panels, clear top or bottom vision panels, and transparent gazebo curtains and nettings.

 There are options regarding the privacy level of the gazebo curtains and nettings; some manufacturers base this on the type of fabrics they use or the design of the gazebo curtains or nettings.

Cleaning & Maintenance Processes.

The design and the materials used on the gazebo curtains and nettings determine how you are going to clean and maintain the curtains or the nettings; for example, some gazebo curtains or nettings include added hanging and anchor accessories such as bottom metal weights, straps, metallic loopholes, etc. which can affect how you are going to clean and maintain your gazebo curtains or nettings.

Style & Ambiance of the Curtains & Nettings.

We recommend matching the design and accessories of your gazebo curtains or nettings with functionality to create the style and ambience looks that complement your gazebo design, function, and personal preferences.

When shopping for gazebo curtains and nettings, we recommend considering the various styles, which are determined by the type of fabric, pattern, texture, colour, design style, and hanging and anchorage options.

Best Fabric for Gazebo Curtains and Nettings.

Most clients frequently ask us what is the best fabric for their gazebo curtains before purchasing a gazebo curtain or netting; now our answer lies in the fact that since this is outdoor décor, you will need to mainly focus on fabrics that can withstand the harsh outdoors climate as the number one determinant of the material to use, from there you can narrow down your search based on the UV protection of the fabric, and style of the material.

Highlighted below are some of the best gazebo curtains and nettings fabrics; we have grouped the fabric materials based on our recommendations and our attestation to the ability of the fabric to withstand outdoor weather conditions, durability, customisation, and budget.

Olefin Gazebo Curtains and Nettings.

The best fabric for gazebo curtains and nettings is Olefin Fabric, most of our clients who have installed Olefin Gazebo Curtains and Nettings, have attested to the durability of their curtains, especially those who are using them on permanent gazebo structures; they are also saying that they are not planning on replacing their gazebo curtains or nettings soon since the curtains or netting are still like new.

Olefin Gazebo curtains emerged at the top compared with curtains made from Acrylics, Polyester, and Cotton in terms of durability, resistance to weather elements, and performance excellent regarding UV and water resistance.

The reason why we recommend Olefin Gazebo curtains and Nettings is that when the fabric can protect the curtain from UV and Water, the curtain will not be affected by mould and mildew, which usually is the number one problem experienced by gazebo owners, whose furniture and décor are affected by mould and mildew growth.

(Side Note: If your gazebo furniture and décor is developing mould or mildew, it might be because your gazebo doesn’t have sufficient airflow, which is the number one reason for mould and mildew growth, we recommend checking out our post on the best gazebo fans to prevent mould and mildew growth to your curtains and gazebo decor.)

Acrylic Gazebo Curtains and Nettings.

We also recommend Acrylic Gazebo curtains and nettings because acrylic is durable, and manufacturers can offer colourful acrylic curtains and nettings, making the fabric popular for homeowners who want bright-themed curtains for their outdoor spaces.

A major complaint of acrylic gazebo curtains and nettings is that acrylic builds up a static charge that, when used outdoors, can attract many outdoor elements, such as dust, leaves, pet hair, etc.

Polyester Gazebo Curtains and Nettings.

When on a limited budget, we recommend considering polyester gazebo curtains and nettings because polyester gazebo curtains and nettings are cheaper than Olefin and Acrylic gazebo curtains and nettings.

You should also note that mostly you will not find colourful polyester gazebo curtains and nettings, mostly they only spot one shade of colour; it’s also important to note that polyester is not as durable compared to acrylic and olefin gazebo curtains and nettings; if you don’t mind buying gazebo curtains replacement once in a while after they fade.

Cotton Gazebo Curtains and Nettings.

We don’t recommend cotton gazebo curtains and nettings because they are not easy to maintain compared to Olefin, Acrylic, and Polyester gazebo curtains and nettings; this is because they are more prone to weather effects such as retaining water after being rained on; colour fading, and is highly affected by mould, and mildew in cold weather.

Installing Gazebo Curtains and Nettings. (Suggested Accessories)

After purchasing your gazebo curtains or nettings, you might have received step-by-step instructions on mounting them to your gazebo. However, we have found that most packaging doesn’t include installation steps and options; if that’s the case for you, here are the basic steps to follow when installing gazebo kits and curtains.

Step 1: Assemble the hardware and supplies provided with your gazebo curtains or nettings.

We find it easier to ensure all the supplies and hardware that came with the gazebo curtains and nettings are assembled; this is the first step we take when mounting gazebo curtains or nettings for customers.

Step 2: Attach the Assembled Curtains to the Gazebo curtain Mounting Hardware.

After assembling the hardware and supplies that came with your gazebo curtain or nettings, its time to mount the gazebo curtain or nettings to the gazebo frame; some gazebo curtains contain mounting accessories, and some don’t have your gazebo curtains or nettings didn’t come with gazebo curtain mounting hardware.

Below we have highlighted some of the popular gazebo curtain mounting hardware for your consideration:

How do you secure curtains on a gazebo?

To secure curtains on a gazebo, you will be required to attach the gazebo curtain or netting with curtain mounting accessories to your gazebo frame; you will need to determine the layout option you require; you can opt for single sides, double-sided, triple-sided, or multiple straight for maximum privacy and protection from weather and outdoor elements depending on the placement of your gazebo.

Your gazebo curtains or hooks might include mounting hardware; if not, we use several mounting options to mount gazebo curtains or nettings to a gazebo, including grommets, turn buttons, and roller tracks.

To make choosing which fits your style and mounting requirements easier, we have listed and analysed some of the gazebo curtains and nettings mounting accessories we use to secure and mount gazebo curtains and nettings, such as gazebo curtain grommets, gazebo curtain turn buttons, and gazebo curtain roller tracks; our analysis is based on their functionality, budget, and maintenance requirements.

Gazebo Curtains Grommets.

We recommend securing your gazebo curtains or netting with gazebo curtain grommets over turn buttons or roller tracks for temporary gazebos because of their easy static mounting installation and taking down processes when taking down your temporary gazebo.

Gazebo curtains grommets are also economical and are ideal for gazebo owners with a limited budget; they are suitable for solid gazebo curtains that don’t require much movement or displacement when the gazebo is in use because of their static mounting options; in case you need to move the curtains we recommend investing in a grommet eye cover made from plastic or metal, you can use gazebo curtain grommets to mount gazebo curtains on the sides of the gazebo facing a permanent obstruction such as a wall or a backyard fence.

Grommets are also popular in case you are a DIY enthusiast; you can just cut some eyelets on the top part of the fabric you want to use as your gazebo curtain or nettings and place metal grommets or seam the material on the edge of the eyelets to prevent from sheer from the weak points.

Gazebo Curtain Turn Buttons.

Gazebo curtain turn buttons are ideal for gazebo netting but can also be used on gazebo curtains, especially lightweight ones; they are also suitable for temporary gazebos and can be used on permanent gazebos – our favourite use is in gazebo curtains and nettings that require frequent takedown.

We recommend gazebo curtain turn buttons because they are easy to work with for DIY gazebo builds and also because they are also easy to fasten, they are available in various styles and materials, including plastic and metallic, and you can also find different types of gazebo curtain turn buttons ranging from standard turn button eyelets for lightweight curtains or mosquito nettings, double height turn button three-hole base which we recommend for mounting solid gazebo curtains, and turn button screw in brass or cloth clinch button which we recommend for permanent and heavy duty gazebo curtains and mosquito nettings mounts.

We recommend using curtain turn buttons to secure your gazebo curtains or nettings in a windy environment; gazebo curtain turn buttons prevent your gazebo curtain from being blown by wind than gazebo curtain grooms and gazebo roller tracks.

Gazebo Curtains Roller Tracks.

Roller tracks are ideal for permanent gazebos; they are also suitable for solid and heavy-duty gazebo curtains and nettings; we also recommend them for a heavy-traffic gazebo and also for multiple gazebo curtain placement options because they allow for more effortless side-to-side movements of the gazebo curtains.

Gazebo curtain roller tracks are expensive compared to curtain turn buttons and grommets. However, they are ideal for homeowners looking for quality and functionality over price. It’s important to mention the maintenance costs; it costs more to maintain and clean curtain roller tracks than curtain grommets and curtain turn buttons.

Step 3: Preventing Gazebo Curtains or Nettings from Blowing

One of the significant problems gazebo owners encounter after mounting/ installing gazebo curtains or nettings is the curtains or nettings being blown away by the wind; for this reason, we advocate planning on how you will stop your curtains or netting from being blown by the wind.

How do I stop my gazebo curtains from blowing?

There are six ways that we recommend to stop your gazebo curtains or nettings from being blown by the wind; they include weighing down your gazebo curtains or nettings with Curtain bottom weight chain, floor anchor weights/straps, floor sweeps, magnets seals, Velcro seals, or privacy screens or walls to minimise wind effects.

Depending on the type of your gazebo, the design and material of your gazebo curtain or nettings, and the space around your gazebo, you can choose the options mentioned above to prevent your gazebo curtains or nettings from being blown by the wind.

To help you determine the best way to prevent your gazebo curtains or nettings from being blown by the wind, we have gone deeper on methods to prevent your gazebo from blowing by the wind, highlighting which situations are best for each option.

Curtain Bottom Weight Chain

One of the best options to prevent your gazebo curtains or nettings from being blown by the wind is by using curtain bottom weight chains; we highly recommend curtain bottom weight chain over other methods because it helps straighten the curtains or nettings and also create a stable wind blocker that is distributed throughout the curtains, preventing curtain lifts on the edges or any particular position.

We recommend curtain bottom weight chains for long gazebo curtains or nettings and also for use on permanent and temporary gazebo structures, they are also ideal for gazebos that are constantly on the move, such as commercial gazebos where the placement depends on the location of events, and the weather or element exposure might differ from one place to another.

Depending on the size and dimension of your gazebo curtains or nettings, and also the weather conditions of your home, for a DIY curtain weight chain, we recommend starting with a 3/16” galvanised chain weight and sewing it to the bottom of your gazebo curtains or nettings, it’s essential to make sure you use galvanised chains since they will be exposed to outdoor weather which can lead to rusting for metal chains.

You can increase the size of the curtain bottom weight chain depending on the size of your gazebo curtains or nettings and the wind speeds in your location.

Floor Anchor Weights or Straps.

Floor anchor weights are favoured amongst DIY gazebo builders, it involves fillings bags with gravel or sand, and the bags are attached to the bottom of the gazebo curtains to weigh them down and keep them straight and securely mounted in the desired positions.

You can also use Velcro straps tied to the bottom of gazebo curtains or nettings, which are more stylish compared to the use of curtain anchor weights; if you are using spikes to anchor your gazebo to the ground, you can use the spikes to hold on the curtains Velcro straps or use addition spikes to secure the Velcro straps to the floor.

We also recommend the use of Velcro straps if you own a permanent gazebo that is on a wooden deck or a Paved Foundation, you can use D-rings anchored to the wooden deck using bolts or anchored to the cement floor to secure the Velcro straps – recommended spacing is 4inches between each Velcro strap or curtain weight. Velcro straps are also ideal for temporary gazebos which are taken down when not in use because Velcro straps are easy to store; they can easily be stored for use the next time the gazebo is up since most temporary gazebos are mounted on grass; Velcro straps are ideal for securing your curtains on grass too.

Using Velcro straps helps anchor your curtains to the ground and prevent them from being blown by the wind when attached to the gazebo frame using robust methods such as curtain grommets or curtain turn buttons. The Velcro straps are tied to the bottom of the curtains or nettings and secured to the ground. Gazebo Curtain Velcro straps also help anchor your gazebo structure to the ground; however, we don’t recommend using this method alone to anchor a gazebo; you should use it alongside other forms of anchoring a gazebo such as using planters or gazebo weights.

Measuring your Gazebo Curtain Floor Sweeps.

If your gazebo is placed in an enclosed backyard with a fence, and there are little to no wind movements, we recommend considering your gazebo curtain floor sweeps allowance; there are three main gazebo curtain floor sweeps that we recommend to gazebo owners, grazing, breaking ad puddling depending on the style and the design of the gazebo and also the occasion for placing the curtains to the gazebo.

How close your Gazebo drapes are to the ground will determine if the curtains will be affected by winds or not; for hanging outdoor curtains, they are much more likely to be swayed by little winds speeds, but if you use breaking or puddling gazebo drapes hanging styles little winds will not blow your curtains since the friction and the curtains weigh will provide resistance to winds.

When determining your gazebo curtains and netting floor sweeps, it’s important to note that a gazebo is highly affected by outdoor elements such as leaves, dust, and insects; using grazing, breaking, and puddling hanging styles will prevent these elements from entering your gazebo and also avoid your gazebo from being blown by the wind.

Suppose you are in an area affected by high winds. In that case, you can experiment using grazing, breaking, and puddling gazebo drape hanging styles and anchor them using Velcro straps hidden by the extra gazebo drape fabric on the floor.

We rarely use this method as a permanent solution to prevent your gazebo from being blown by wind because it has significant effects, generally over time, due to the friction between the floor and the curtain, the curtain will start to wear out, and you will need to purchase a gazebo curtain replacement.

Gazebo Curtain Magnetic Seals.

Suppose your gazebo is attached to the house’s walls or adjacent to other outdoor structures. They are not helping block the winds, or the wind is coming from different directions. In that case, you can use magnetic curtain seals to attach the gazebo curtains or nettings to adjacent walls, including metal or wooden walls and posts.

We recommend gazebo curtains magnetic seals to gazebo owners who are also located in extremely wet and highly dusty areas where roller tracks and Velcro straps will get clogged; this means we recommend Velcro straps over curtain magnetic seals because magnetic curtain seals can snap themselves off in case of high winds, while Velcro straps will hold on till the wind is over.

We recommend using gazebo curtain magnetic seals on lightweight gazebo curtains and nettings since they are not as strong compared with their counterparts; if you have a heavy-duty gazebo curtain or net, we recommend Velcro straps over curtain magnetic seals due to their effectiveness in minimising wind effects.

We also recommend the use of curtain magnetic seals on gazebos that are long and are supported by multiple poles, and your curtains can only reach each bar; you can use magnetic curtain seals to attach gazebo curtains to the poles or beams since they are easy to take down you can use them on temporary gazebo curtains that are frequently taken down after use.

Gazebo Privacy Screens/ walls.

One of the most common and functional ways to prevent wind from blowing up your gazebo curtains and nettings is by using other heavy-duty privacy solutions, such as gazebo privacy screens or walls made from wood or metal.

We recommend using Gazebo privacy screens if your gazebo curtains and nettings are mainly for decoration and adding style to your gazebo and not necessarily providing privacy because you will need other forms of protecting the curtains and nettings from being blown by the wind.

We recommend incorporating Gazebo privacy screens or walls into your gazebo accessories if you have a temporary gazebo that is not permanently secured to the ground and also if you live in windy areas and have a large gazebo, thus requiring large gazebo curtains that will be blown by wind if the risk is not mitigated.

When installing Gazebo Privacy Screens and Walls, we advocate keeping the distance between the gazebo curtain and the privacy walls at least 6 inches apart to allow for people’s movement, maintenance, airflow, and anchor solutions placements.

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