Best Gazebo Weights Reviewed and Tested 2023

There are many options for gazebo weights, mainly gazebo leg weights; most people use painted bricks or blocks, pegs and ropes, and plastic gallons and fill them with water, sand, or gravel to anchor the gazebo without drilling.                

We tried different leg weights for gazebos on our hardtop, pop-up, and soft-top gazebos to determine how they fair compared to DIY gazebo weights such as bricks or blocks, pegs, and plastic gallons.

How We Picked

Our main goal was to compare gazebo leg weights in different types of gazebos, and different sizes of gazebos in terms of how they handle the combined weight of the gazebo legs, frame, roof, and additional décor on the gazebo, the materials that offer the best in terms of weight and durability, the impact of the gazebo weight design and shape, stability, portability of gazebo feet weights, and essential aesthetics purposes.

Blake Nudell stacking Gazebo Leg Weights to gazebo frame legs

Quick Summary.

In a Hurry, the Top Three Gazebo Leg Weights offer a combination of durability, ease of use, portability, aesthetics, shape, and design that makes them compatible with various gazebo models.

Best Gazebo Weights for Hardtop Gazebos.

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Please note you will need to stack the weights for additional support or use Heavy Duty Threaded Tent Stakes such as Eurmax USA Galvanized Non-Rust stakes to secure the leg weights to the ground.

Best Gazebo Weights – Reviews.

Read our review and tests and learn what each of these gazebo leg weights has to offer, which type of gazebo we recommend for each gazebo leg weight, and individual unique characteristics, features, and compatibility.

Eurmax USA 150 LBS Extra Large Gazebo Weights

Eurmax USA 150 LBS Extra Large Gazebo Weights are ideal for hardtop gazebos, the unique characteristic of hardtop gazebo legs is that they have a large width, which makes them impossible to find weights made of iron to secure them, unlike pop-up and soft top gazebos which have a much smaller width.

Hardtop gazebos are heavier than pop-up and soft-top gazebos; for this reason, you will need more weight and support to hold down the gazebo to the ground, we didn’t find metal weights that can fit most gazebos; however, we found that you can use sandbags which are more preferable and use heavier than water bags gazebo weights.

Our number one recommendation is the Eurmax USA 150 LBS Extra Large Gazebo Weights, which have straps that can fit most hard-top gazebo weights. Also, you can use the straps for spikes to help support the sandbags by anchoring the bags to the ground using spikes on the lower strap extension.

Best Gazebo Weights for Hardtop Gazebos.

No products found.

We did test the gazebo sandbag weights on large square and large round legs of various hardtop gazebos; they are the best gazebo weights for large square legs because the straps are made of polyester fabric that is flexible and can adapt to the gazebo legs’ shape, they are also one of the best gazebo weights for large round legs due the characteristics of the Velcro straps design.

When filled with sand, rock, gravel, snow, and dirt, each sandbag can hold up to 37.5 lbs of weight; with four sandbags you will have 150 lbs of weight to support your gazebo. With most hardtop gazebos weighing 250 to 300 lbs. Eurmax USA 150 LBS Extra Large Gazebo Weights will have no problem holding the gazebo to the ground.

However, if you are in locations affected by weather fluctuations such as storms and winds, you can support the Eurmax USA 150 LBS Extra Large Gazebo Weights with spikes; we recommend Eurmax USA Galvanized Non-Rust stakes that you can secure the sandbag and gazebo firmly to the ground.

The combination of Eurmax USA 150 LBS Extra Large Gazebo Weights and Eurmax USA Galvanized Non-Rust spikes will anchor to the ground even heavier and oversized gazebos and also be helpful to gazebo owners who are located in highly volatile weather conditions.

The infographic showcases the utilization of high-quality Eurmax USA 150 LBS Extra Large Gazebo Weights and Galvanized Non-Rust spikes from Eurmax USA. Step-by-step instructions include strategically driving durable metal stakes 6 ft (1.8 m) away from each gazebo leg, employing a reliable taut-line hitch adjustable loop knot to secure tensioned lines between the gazebo and spikes, securely fastening rope ends to the top horizontal frame of the gazebo, and enhancing structural integrity by placing sandbags or weights on the gazebo legs. These techniques ensure a secure and steady foundation for the gazebo, enhancing its resilience against various weather conditions.

GALTEED Canopy Water Weight Bag

GALTEED Canopy Water Weight Bag is ideal for pop-up gazebos; this is because compared to soft top gazebos, pop-up gazebos are heavier and require heavy-duty gazebo weights to hold them down; our number one recommendation for pop-up gazebos is GALTEED Canopy Water Weight Bag and can hold up to 220 LBS of Water.

Some people have addon their pop-up gazebo which increases weights to their pop-up gazebos such as awnings, side panels, and other add-ons; for these reasons, you will need heavy-duty gazebo weights, and GALTEED Canopy Water Weight Bag delivers just that; each sandbag holds up to 25 litres of water, with four of these bags the total will be 220 lbs. of weight.

A pop-up gazebo is easy to assemble and take down, GALTEED Canopy Water Weight Bag is also easy to transport and set up compared to sandbags. You will only need to fill the bags with water and tie up the straps to the leg frames of your pop-up gazebo.

ABCCANOPY Gazebo Steel Weights

We also looked for gazebo leg weights for a soft top gazebo; we wanted easy-to-install weights and heavy-duty gazebo weights that would support a soft top gazebo with mosquito nettings and privacy curtains; for these reasons, the gazebo weights had to support wind resistance from the soft top privacy curtains and mosquito nettings.

The best gazebo weights for soft top gazebos that we got and recommend are ABCCANOPY Gazebo Steel Weights; this is because not only are they easy to set up, but you can also anchor them using spikes or pegs and also stack using their interlocking mechanism for added weight.

If you are looking for gazebo weights for square legs, we would recommend ABCCANOPY Gazebo Steel Weights, the same case applies to anyone looking for gazebo weights for round legs; this is because the weights fit all gazebo legs up to ø1.1in.

Since most soft top gazebo includes add ons such as privacy curtains, and mosquito nets, they face lots of wind resistance that can blow away the gazebo; we do recommend stacking the ABCCANOPY Gazebo Steel Weights, which are sold in pairs of male and female connection with each gazebo leg weight weighing 27.5lb, for all legs that would be 110 lbs. which is enough to prevent your soft top gazebo from being blown out in case of volatile weather.

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